The last time I published a post was October 2014. It has been 9 months. I went through a lot of things since then, though I haven’t met the hardest yet. Let me recap what was happened during this 9 months.

  1. CFA Program Examination. So far this was the most challenging target to be killed. Three hundred hours are the average self-study hours spent by candidates. At first I barely caught up with the curriculum, however thank Allah and support from my family and colleagues, I was able to finish it. The exam result will be announced 2 months later. Whatever the result, I am ready.
  2. Work life. It is getting interesting. I learned how to be a consultant, the job that I wish for. I have frequent meeting with high level management and collaborate with lower level to ensure the strategy is fit and groundbreaking. Similar approach with BCG way (still dreaming to work there). However, not everything is perfect and that is actually good. I learn that strategy itself is not sufficient and people play critical function on the organization. It inspired me to learn more about strategy implementation and change management (specialization for master degree maybe)
  3. Extracurricular. I accepted the offer to be SPA FEUI trainer in Grand Training. Grand Training was significantly improve me when I was an associate. It was so awesome that I was questioning whether I at future (today) can be a trainer of Grand Training. And I just made it true. SPA has given a lot of insight and experience to me, and now it’s time for me to give back and share. I delivered assertiveness material so that we know how to react properly, given any unique circumstances. I believe this training will benefit the participants and me myself.
  4. Family. My dad got an assignment to work at Bandung region. So Dad and Mom moved there, while I and Sis stay in Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, Sis just got accepted on Universitas Indonesia (business administration major). Soon, I will live alone in Jakarta (usually I will get slimmer if live alone, we’ll see). I occasionally visit Mom and Dad at Bandung and enjoy the surrounding and foods (I am not a big fan, but many people loves this city)
  5. Relationship. I get close to a woman, I don’t know if she is fit in my life or whether I fit with her life. But understanding each other require sufficient time and process, right? So l will try to enjoy it. I believe the right partner comes at the right time and the right place. She/he will empower us, so do we empower them. Let’s see how far this relationship can be.
  6. I got addicted to use Deezer application. It is similar to Spotify where we can listen to our favorite music anytime and anywhere through the air. I recommend this application for those who want to listen to music, legally. The subscription fee is only IDR 73,000 (it’s equal to buy an album in iTunes). It’s quite cheap and you can listen anything!

That is what happened on the last 9 months. I will write about something else later, probably about my career plan. Thanks for reading, folks!