I don’t have any specific term or the proper idiom to describe these peoples. I’ve known this people at high school, at college and at my workplace. Sometimes I hang out with them. Not so many of them, but they make a presence, an impact, an inspiration. These people work hard like a bull, work smart like a squirrel and work polite like a noble. From CEO up to low level staff acknowledge them as a brilliant and humble person. I call them outliers.

Let me describe one of this people. He was my collegemate. Super high intelligent person with incredible academic and non academic achievement. Couple of months ago he worked as a consultant at one of big consulting firm. Now he is officially a MBA student at HBS. To his friends, he shows his real character, but when it comes to facing client and workmate as professional, he shows exceptional quality. He is determined to complete an assignment flawlessly both the quality and time. He is smart as well, always seek the best efficient way to complete the assignment so he can have sufficient rest and does his fave thing on the weekend. And when in a meeting or discussion with people, he has a really astonishing structured speech, exceptional English skills and magnificent body language. I might look like exaggerated him, but that is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but this is inspiring. He can feel tired and surfeited, but he knows how to handle it. He is a real pro. He is an outlier.

I look at myself and one of my weakness is I always compare myself to others. I don’t have a perfect workplace nor workmate. My working pace is decelerating since I moved from my previous employer. But my business sense is increasing exponentially. I always challenge myself to be an outliers. Work hard, work smart and work polite. Showing determination, effectiveness and quality of work. Work with a limitless energy, without hesitation, but on schedule (since I got no compensation for overtime, why should I work overtime?). We are hungry and foolish, failure is our daily consumption and major source of knowledge. Let’s try to be that one!