[Self-Project] Reinventing My Career

— Project framework —

The objective:To help me identify what my career purpose and how to achieve it.

The importance: Fail to define the career purpose may results in [a] misdirection of career –  lowering the quality of life legacy, [b] being just an average person, and [c] could not inspire and enhance the value of society.

The way:

  1. Self discovery. Recall again what is my best interest and find out what career that might suit with my interest and experience.
  2. Determine the career field and define lifetime achievement or masterpiece
  3. Determine how to achieve it.

— Self discoveries —

On this session let me recall what I did in the last 6-7 years .

Senior high school.

I was a not so brilliant student with more than enough organisational experience. I chose to take science major during my tenure and have strong mathematics, biology and IT subject background. I like to make a mathematical calculation and create something using computer. At that time I’ve ever considered to continue my education on IT field but I realised I just enjoyed using the IT feature and does not have sufficient talent on the field.

Talking about my extracurricular activities, I was a very active one. I joined 7 committees and 3 organisations as a staff during my first year. Later, I joined 2 committees and 1 organisations as high level management during my second year and I joined only one committee as supervisor during my last year. I transformed myself from a nerd boy to a very active, public oriented, diplomatic, analytic and risk taker student. The most meaningful moment is my second year when I was elected to be first executive VP. I loved to make such strategic management from understanding the students and the schools need, positioning our organisation in the school’s ecosystem, define organisation’s goal and breakdown it into multiple strategy and executed and evaluated the process. I loved how our discussion was working and results in an innovation and new insight. I was really dedicated my time to achieve my organisation’s goal.  That year was so hard to face but it was so much rewarding at the end. – (If I am allowed to give an opinion, I don’t know why people, especially on post-college work, are really underestimate the experience we had on the high school. No wonder if they never experienced one). 


To sum up,  from what I experienced on high school, I like to calculate and eager to learn something with hi-technology feature. I also like to prepare a project for both short and strategic one. I love to have a discussion with people, enrich my perspective with other’s view and develop a solution. 

College life

Considering my interest on performing calculation and management field, I applied to be the student of management and accounting of Universitas Indonesia.  I was enrolled as accounting student and have a strong academic background. I am aware of my interest from high school and therefore I took minor concentration on finance management (from corporate, macroeconomics, to international finance) and IT related subject (from information system to IT enterprise management). On average, my grade was mostly contributed from management (marketing to strategic), IT and accounting (both financial and management accounting). This reflects my best interest on performing calculation, business management and IT. In addition I took higher role to become lecturer assistant in financial management, financial accounting and information system lab. I really love to share my knowledge and organise mini lecturing activities with fair and fun process. I am very grateful because I could build my network while doing what I enjoy to do.

For extracurricular activities, I was not as crazy as I used to in high school because I put my focus primarily on my education. I “only” joined 7 committees and 1 organisation during my three and half year. I really enjoyed my non academic activities because I chose to follow my interest (again) on the IT. So I chose to have a college career on the Information Technology and Visual Communication field . Providing well graphic design and organisational website was my “little” masterpiece. Though I only joined 1 organisation, I dedicated my time and expertise and took higher role from associate (at first year) to partner (at second year). Again, I was challenged to provide strategic management that I really love to do. Considering my passion on IT and management, I was awarded “associate of the year” and “most outstanding accounting students” from my organisation and campus. I was really enjoyed my time and learn a lot from my up and down time.

Based on what I’ve experienced on the college. My best interest is about management and better combine it with either finance, accounting or IT (or all in one if possible). I also enjoy and learn how to share with others and it eventually grew my happiness and increased my life quality.

Learning from my experiences, I could make a summary about myself in the notes below:

  1. I could prepare some complex calculation (using formula or framework) and by knowing that it is useful to help others, it makes me happy. I like to perform either finance or accounting calculation.
  2. I like information system and information technology matters.
  3. I am excited with managing or organising thing. I love discussion and listen to different perspective/view . I am eager to learn how to lead others and make an exceptional strategy and execution.
  4. I love to share what I have and am trying to keep humble or low.

After spending time to discover my self, I realise that the most difficult task of this project is actually connecting my interest and talent to the jobs available on the market. I will breakdown the connection on the next post and hopefully I have an option.