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Sharing My 2021 Goals and Plans

Science has suggested that writing goals will increase the likelihood that we will achieve it. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, discovered that you will 42% likely to achieve your dream by writing down the goals regularly. The percentage is even higher if we share the goals with our friends who believe that we will achieve it. For the detail of the research, you can click this link.

I am motivated to list down my 2021 goals with the hope that I will have higher chance to get it. Furthermore, I will assign a rating to show how important is my goals. Last, I will also explain the obstacle and the solution to overcome the hurdle. So, here are my goals:


Fresh Grads, You Should Start Your Career at PwC Indonesia

Do you want to know how it feels working for PwC Indonesia? Let me share my experience when I was working there.

I worked for PwC Indonesia Assurance team from June 2013 until September 2014. During that time, I was assigned to the Consumer and Industrial Products and Services (CIPS) division. For other PwC Indonesia line of services, you can visit this link.

Working in public accounting firm has a unique and a challenging experience. For each extra mile you take, you will be worthily compensated. I will start with a summary of why financial auditor and the public accounting firm hold a significant role in the business ecosystem.

Weekly update

Rebuild (Again)

It has been a while and I want to announce that yesterday I have just shut down my old website (the blog and the capture). I rebuild the website (again) and want to start from the fresh! For two years I had abandoned this website and last week I am interested to apply new theme and changed most structure of my website, so I thought it would be easier to just shut down the old.

Let’s recap what was happened in the last couple of weeks:

  1. I had an office gathering and the committee asked me to be the MC. The gathering itself was held on Tuesday (April 1st, 2014) and our gathering destination was Bogor. We went to eat Bogor’s signature culinary (Soto kuning, Laksa, Toge goreng, etc) and having an outdoor activity at Taman Raya Bogor (Bogor botanical garden). We closed the gathering with dinner at Rumah Air (House water) and I was happy to know that the participants enjoyed the gathering session. It was my new experience to lead the activities for my office colleagues.
  2. Finally, I applied for my credit card! Actually, my objective was to renew my debit card because it was blocked when I left the card on the gas station ATM at Batam. So, I thought I could apply also for the credit card. I am going to use my credit card for the Microsoft Office subscription (yes finally I am going to use the original product) with $99.9 charge per year (refer to this site for the detail). Do you think it’s expensive? I don’t. With 99.9 per year, I can install all office application (including outlook, access, and publishers) for 5 PCs. if we buy the one-time-purchase DVD, it costs $2000 (5 x 399.9 – outlook is only available on business edition) for 5 PCs which is equivalent to 20 years of subscription! (the subscription also enables us to update the latest office application!) It is a nice deal. Using the credit card, I am also able to purchase WordPress theme, song, application, and games directly (I mean the discounted app and games lol). Need to hold myself so that I am not ended up with stifling bills!

That were the major updates this two weeks. Look forward to seeing another surprise and news for the next week.


Nico Iswaraputra