I Heard You Want to Work for PwC Indonesia

Do you want to know how does it feel working for PwC Indonesia as one of the world’s big four public accounting firm?. Let me share you my experience when I was working there.

I worked for PwC Indonesia Assurance team from June 2013 until September 2014. During that time, I felt grateful to be a part of Consumer and Industrial Products and Services division and Blue sub-division. (If you want to know more about other PwC Indonesia line of services and expertise, I put this link to their website)

In public accounting firm, like any other workplace, has a good and a challenging stories. You can trust me once you overcome the challenge, you can enjoy the good one even much better. I can assure you for each extra miles you take away from your comfort zone, you will be worthily compensated. To begin the story,  I will start with a summary of why a financial auditor and the public accounting firm has an important role in the business ecosystem.

First thing first, what does a financial auditor really do?

Financial auditors are a financial statement examiner. We examine the Company’s financial statement to ensure all figures are correct and comply with the national accounting standards. The examinations include gathering evidences, performing audit tests, preparing an audit documentation, reviewing the financial statement draft and delivering the audit opinion letter. We work so hard and stay up late for the public interest. So, the investors, the bankers and other financial statement readers can rely on our report and feel confident and peace. In PwC Indonesia, we are proud of the high quality of audit we deliver.

Why you should consider working at public accounting firm?

The most important reason is, in the public accounting firm, you will learn accounting and business fundamentals very fast, very comprehensive and very effective.

  • By examining the financial statement of a company, you can analyse the Company’s competitiveness, profitability, efficiency, strategy, compliance and risk of investment.
  • You will also serve clients from multiple industries such as automotive, FMCG, pharmaceutical or plantation. Thus, giving you wide array of knowledge from regulation, best practices and business sense.

After you resign from a public accounting firm, you will have a strong skill set such as: (a) accounting (and Excel) technical skills, (b) project management skills; (c) business knowledge and (d) softskill from managing relationship with C-suite level. This is the luxury features of working in public accounting firm.

What are the benefits of being a financial auditor in PwC Indonesia?

DISCLAIMER: The condition may or may change as the time goes by. Thus, we recommend you to ask your relatives or friends that currently work in PwC Indonesia..